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Below are some of the foundation and second generation external sires we use in our program at the ranch for the various Groups:

Group A - Shimane-Itozakura Line

TF38 Itohana 2
TF149 Mitsuhikokura

Group B - 100% Tajima Line

JVP Fukutsuru 068
JVP Kikuyasu 400
Shigeshigetani 1593
TF148 Itoshigenami
003 Kitateruyasu-doi

Group C - Kedaka, Okayama, Hiroshima Lines

TF36 Itomichi 1/2
TF151 Itozurudoi
TF147 Itoshigefuji
001 Hirashigetayasu

Group D - High Tajima Line

TF004 Fukutsuru
TF726 Kimifuku

Note: There is some variation in the bloodlines of these sires and some can be used in more than one Group. There are many other second, third, and fourth generation sires available as well.



Takeda Rotational Breeding Program

According to Mr. Shogo Takeda, the 80+ year old Wagyu Master, “Super size, good marbling, good milk production, and good calf raising ability are the keys to success in Wagyu breeding!”  However, too many breeders are still focusing too heavily on marbling, at the expense of other important traits, “Tajima, Tajima, Tajima,” he said, with understated effect…

Under Mr. Takeda’s four-stage rotational breeding plan (see summary graphic below), the emphasis is put on building frame score first, and then marbling.  Mr. Takeda maintains that a breeding program based on his rotation technique is more likely to deliver the best overall profitability in the long term.

For each of the Groups: A, B, C, and D, Mr. Takeda lists the traits in order of priority and significance.

Takeda Rotational Breeding Program

Notes: F1 breeders should use sires from Group B and Group D ONLY. FB breeders should cull non performing female offspring from AxB and CxD matings.